Hawaii imports 75% of fresh produce and suffers from the worst food security in the nation. This problem will only get worse.

Hawaii’s reliance on imported produce is problematic for several reasons. First, it’s unstable and inconsistent. Imported produce is usually harvested on the US mainland and typically spends 2-5 weeks on a ship before reaching Hawaii. The cost of fuel and refrigeration increases the price per pound of imported produce, and the time in transit impacts quality and shelf life. Hawaiians are paying more money for inferior quality produce.


Land is a limited resource on Oahu. Truly arable land is scarce, and existing local farms struggle to grow cost effectively at scale. 

The Offshore Organics Solution

We turn any outdoor space into an automated, efficient, and easy to maintain farm. Independent from arable land, any sunny rooftop or open space is suitable for farming, and all crops are selected based off yield potential for Hawaii’s specific microclimates. Our crops grow faster, in less space, using less water. And our data platform facilitates large farm scale by controlling a multitude of small, micro farms from one centralized technology hub.

Hawaiian Food Scarcity