The Best Way to Grow Lettuce in the Tropics




Offshore Organics is an agricultural technology company that uses data-backed, automated farming to unlock the potential of urban and suburban farming in Hawaii. Our process uses 90% less water and 70% less nutrients than traditional farming, is more efficient per square foot, and our greens last 3-5 times longer than imported produce.

Grow Anywhere

Our modular N.F.T hydroponic and aeroponic systems can grow lettuce on any sun exposed surface.

Highly Scalable

Low cost, low maintenance systems require minimal infrastructure. Our farms can quickly grow to meet market demand. 

Local First

Locally grown produce spends less time in transit. Our produce has the longest shelf life available, and our farms help increase Hawaiian food security, 

Efficient and Safe

We developed the safest and most energy efficient method of growing lettuce in the tropics. We combine LED seedling facilities and UV water filtration to ensure fast, clean growth.


Our Crops

We grow a variety of premium, head lettuce including red and green butter,  oak leaf, and crisp.


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